Strong Online Marketing Can Bring Large Returns to Law Firms

September 26, 2017
September 26, 2017 Legality Web

Strong Online Marketing Can Bring Large Returns to Law Firms

To maximise success, law firm marketing needs to target the right potential clients. A scattergun approach, hoping to catch some law firm clients, is unlikely to be as successful as ensuring the marketing the law firm uses is directed towards the customers it will best serve.


Your law firm web marketing needs the support of an effective infrastructure. Larry Bodine, a marketing analyst ( conducted research involving nearly four hundred marketing professionals to reach his conclusions.

Commercial operators are available to support law firm marketing, and these can offer the expert support to ensure that the material firms put out will reach the customers they seek.

Expect to spend a reasonable amount of money – 3.5 % of turnover is a good figure, according to, but only recently has marketing approached this figure. Even today, many firms fail to spend enough to bring about cost-effective returns.

Use the Most Effective Strategies

The analysts Alyn-Weiss identified six especially effective tactics for reaching their audience.

These are:

  • E-Alerts
  • Online rankings
  • Ratings directories
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn
  • Effective websites

We will consider three of these in more detail.


When a client needs a law firm for support, it is because they need help. This means that they are at a vulnerable point in their lives.

Jordan Furlong is a senior executive at Stem Legal ( an agency that works to support law firms in their online communications.

He identifies the benefit that blogging can offer.

When a lawyer writes a blog, they are offering a client a bit of themselves. A human offering. General marketing is impersonal, and when clients need a lawyer, it is because they need personal support.

Therefore, a good blog will give an insight into the person behind the desk, and that is what clients need to see.


The Huffington Post called LinkedIn the ‘most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century’.

Lawyers that appear on LinkedIn are connecting with some of the most powerful leaders in industry and commerce. This has two big benefits for a law firms online marketing. Firstly, clients go to whom they trust.

They are more likely to trust somebody who has joined an organisation to which they belong. Plus, through the platforms LinkedIn offers, they can get to know a bit about the lawyers at a firm. It is also a natural first point of call for when they, or their firms, need legal support.

Secondly, for those potential clients not a part of LinkedIn, the reputation of the platform adds a level of reflected trust and value to its members.

Effective Websites

NMC ( are experts in the field of website design, working with Fortune 500 brands. They have identified the features of a successful website.

Firstly, it needs to be responsive to tablets and, especially, smartphones since over half of all prospective clients make their first visit using this method. It should be possible for visitors to easily identify the expertise of a firm’s attorneys. Contact should be easily achieved, and content on the website should be focussed on the expertise of the company or individual lawyer.

Finally, and obviously, it points out the importance of using your own photographs. A client needs to trust their law firm of choice, and will feel misled if confronted with stock photographs.

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